Doing a Internet Review of Your Business

So in my recent e-mail I discussed the Internet review of your business. This is a process where you search for your business online and see where your business is listed.  Because your business information is in the public record (new business listings are often posted on your town or city’s web site) your business may be already listed on a number of web sites. During the review process you find these listings and see if you can improve them. This will also give you an idea of how well represented you are on the Internet.

If you’re not seeing your business listed then it’s time to add your business information to sites where it currently isn’t showing up.  These are mostly Internet directories, such as on-line yellow pages, services pages, business directories, and local search pages.  Some of these sites allow you to add photos, service and product descriptions, business logos and links to your web site, sand social media.  These are the one you want to make sure your information appears on.

There are still more things your can do to get your web site noticed and move up in search, but that is a topic for another time. For now you just want to make sure that your business is represented as well as similar businesses in your area.  You’ll want to search for what you do, for example [plumbing] and your area [Green Bay, Wisconsin]. When the search results appear notice the different sites that plumbers in your area appear on. There may be local yellow page sites, contractor services sites, local media sites and more.

Examine these sites and see if they offer a free listing, if so create an account and post your company information.  Do be tempted to sign up for paid listings, you’ll want to see how well your free listing does before you start spending money with any site.  The idea is to get your business as much free Internet exposure it can get.  Many of these sites rank well on search, which means you’re business will have a greater chance of being found.

I would suggest some of these sites to start with:


Yellowpages / Superpages etc.





If your interested in me listing your business for you on these and other sites feel free to contact me


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