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Gone are the days of trying to convince someone to buy your product with pushy interrupting advertising. The customer is now in control and make their decisions based on what they find on-line. They shop for not only the best price but also the best value and service.  Although traditional media (radio, television, newspapers and magazines) still work, they aren’t always the best choice for small businesses.  My opinion is to use them for publicity, not advertising.  Get your name into traditional media and it will be worth more than any advertisement.  If you think about “The Oprah Effect”, where a product or book is mentioned by someone most people respect and follow, getting your name on radio or T.V., or written about in an article can have a similar effect.

You can make a difference too by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Offer people information they can use. If you’ve ever met someone who really knew what they were talking about then you know that you come to trust what they say. That’s why people ask friends for recommendations, because they are the closest people we know who are experts about particular restaurants, service businesses, and professional services.  They are usually quick to tell you don’t use xyz company, because they had a bad experience with them, so you know who not to use.

Listen to my recent podcast, the first in a series of discussions on small business marketing

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