New Year, New Beginning

I’ll admit I had the best of intentions when I established my new website, yet with all the other things I have going on its priority faded. Now with a new year before me, it’s time to recommit to some past projects that I feel merit some attention, this site being one of them.

Last year was a productive one. I published my first book “50+ Marketing Ideas for Restaurants” because I wanted to share my interest and experience in helping small businesses, primarily restaurants, with marketing. I feel that so many of our country’s small businesses need to market themselves better, they just need some help doing it.

Part of my commitment this year is expanding on some of the advice I’ve offered in the past and also developing some new materials for small businesses to use. This year will hopefully include a new book dedicated to small business marketing as well as a self-paced course for their owners. I want to develop and supply an inexpensive method for sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to learn and apply marketing techniques and move their businesses forward.

Ambitious goals for sure, but to go forward and accomplish more in the new year we all need to challenge ourselves with projects that can make a difference in our development and future business success. I hope you will join and encourage me, and supply me with questions about your marketing that I might be able to assist you with getting answers you are hoping to find. I wish you much success in the year ahead.

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