Expert in Sales & Marketing With Over 25 Years Experience

Passionate About Helping Small Businesses Succeed With Their Marketing

Hello. My name is Jeremy Edsall and I have been involved with sales and marketing for nearly 3 decades.  I have worked with many small businesses over the years providing various marketing and advertising services, graphic design services and web design services.  In the past I have owned a flyer advertising and delivery business and a web design and small business marketing business.  I am currently employed full-time as a Marketing Manager for an independent insurance agency involved in all aspects of marketing as well as business development and have been doing this for the last five years.

Feel free to Google my name to learn about some of my other interests and see some of the work I have done.  I really enjoy helping small businesses get better at marketing their businesses.  The purpose of this site is to provide advice and give you some tips I have learned.  Although being employed full-time limits the amount of time I have to take on new projects I am willing to help out those businesses who may be struggling with their marketing.

Watch for details on more in-depth marketing information coming later this year.  I strongly encourage you to sign up for my free tips and advice sent by e-mail twice a month.  I will go into more detailed information on some topics here so bookmark the site as well.