Web Design

How Effective is Your Web Site in Attracting Customers?

Not Having a Web Site can be a Costly Mistake

I know many small businesses forego getting a web site because of how expensive it can be to have one designed.  Others opt for an on-line web site design service and put the site together themselves. Still others just rely on getting a business page on Facebook and use that as their web presence.

A well designed web site is very important. Because customers use the Internet every day to find what they need you have to be part of it. It’s not always good enough to just show up on the Internet, you must have a place to show your potential customers who you are and what you can do.  Where your web site shows up in search is key. Unfortunately if you aren’t appearing on page one your web site is not going to be seen, that’s why it’s important to have someone who knows how to position it using search engine optimization. Many of the build it yourself web site options are limited when it comes to building in good SEO.

Even if they do offer a way to improve the site for search, you may not know how to use it effectively.  I’ve seen sites where the main links point back to the website builder / hosting site instead of your business or social media accounts because the site wasn’t fully finished or the person building the site didn’t know how to remove the links.

A web site is the ideal place to show what your business is about. Many times if a customer visits a business Facebook page they aren’t going to get the whole picture, and if it isn’t updated on a regular basis it becomes obvious that it isn’t important to you and the potential customer is going to move on somewhere else.  A good web site will allow you to capture a potential customer’s contact information and interests so they can be contacted.

I specialize in building starter web sites for businesses that currently do not have a web site. These sites generally rank well on search engines because we use techniques that other web sites currently are not using. Contact me about getting your business positioned to be found on the Internet.